Friday, February 22, 2013

Puzzling Nature I

    One of the most difficult subjects in photography is Wildlife. A photographer cannot tell a wild animal to pose like this or like that. If your not lucky enough, prepare to either get hurt or worst get killed..
    One  thing I like most in wildlife photography is the never ending chain of surprises and puzzling discoveries of how nature do its thing. In this post I will unveil and unlock one of nature's wonder you may have never thought to exist.

A Moth Caterpillar nursing some cocoons?

    What if somebody will tell you of a

caterpillar that becomes a cocoon and

after several days a moth comes out of

a cocoon?  Would you believe? Of

course you'll do.  It's very normal even

though you may not really understand

what is happening in between stages of

a metamorphosis.

   What if you did not see this post and somebody

tells you about a caterpillar that's nursing some

cocoons? I'm sure you'll say its crazy.

    But if somebody from Pueblo de Panay tells you

of a caterpillar that's nursing some cocoons and

shows you these pictures maybe you'll think twice

that is, if you're a science buff .

          Now I'll tell you of a caterpillar I found at Pueblo de Panay that looks as if it was nursing some cocoons:
           In fact there are some parasitic wasps residing at Pueblo de Panay that capture any kind of caterpillar they handle and prick in it with a paralyzing toxin enough to immobilize but cannot kill it. The wasps then stick the caterpillar on their cocoons .It would be a bad end then for the caterpillar because by the time the wasps' larvae emerge from the cocoon, they will have a ready to eat sustenance.
          What an awful way to die. But that's how nature do its thing.' Nature rules', as they say.

          Better believe me.
          I've been there.

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