Sunday, February 10, 2013

Monkey Moth

Monkey Moth
Eupterote sp.

        This very beautiful moth is a master of disguise and considered the chameleon of the moths. When mixed among dried leaves it is hard to find.

        Hard to find though is the identity of this particular species. From the Family Eupterotidae of moths, this one is closely related to Eupterote naessigi of Borneo which have heavier mark of brown while this one has lighter  brownish-purple patterns. Most of Bornean species were found in lowland rainforest but  in the Philippines some can be found in lightly populated areas.
         The bigger light-brown spot on the inner hindwings separates it from all other Monkey moths spotted in the Philippines.The scarcity of  specimen and data makes taxonomy more difficult.


       Can this be another new found montane sub-species of Monkey Moth?

About :
Wingspan  :  3.5 inches
Habitat      : High elevation secondary forest ussualy clinging to medium height bushes or below  its canopies.
                   Found this one on the roadside. Hard to notice, unless it flies. Montane species.
Flight        :  Fast darting flight in as zigzag motion when disturbed. Usually on flight  late in the afternoon
Frequency : Rare.

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